After being incorrectly diagnosed by two orthopedic specialists for a cruciate ligament tear we went to “CARE” for a 2nd opinion.

Dr. Waldman correctly diagnosed Qika’s injury to her ankle and enrolled her in an 8 week rehab program (2x a week).

I was skeptical at first but soon after, our first treatments I saw the improvements in her leg back, and in everyday movements. I felt comfortable dropping her off knowing she was in good hands with the CARE staff. As the weeks went by there were STRIDES in her improvements on a weekly basis.

Now, after our final evaluation after 8 weeks, I am very pleased at her progress. She still has a ways to go due to the long term healing her and ankle ligament injury, but we are well on our way to a long term recovery and Qika has resumed most of her normal activities.

Thank you, to everyone at CARE

With D. Ratschan
February 2013