“When Pickle the Pirate (so named because he only has one eye) came up lame at an agility trial this year I was devastated. We were embarking on our goal to make the IFCS World Team and although they allow one eyed dogs they do not allow three legged dogs. After many trips to the vet with x-rays, bone scans and MRI’s we were referred to CARE. The staff at CARE took time to get to know Pickle and I and understand our needs. I didn’t just want Pickle to walk again; I wanted him to win agility trials!

The massage and stretching exercises were designed specifically for Pickle and I did them religiously. I saw an improvement immediately. Pickle’s favorite part about CARE was the underwater treadmill.

Thank you CARE, for putting Pickle back on the podium!!!

Pickle the Pirate’s Accomplishments, thanks to CARE:

2nd Place – 2007 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge 60 Weave Pole Race
4th Place – 2007 USDAA Grand Prix of Agility Finals
3rd Place – 2007 IFCS World Team Qualifier
1st Place – 2008 USDAA Regional Grand Prix Qualifier
1st Place – 2008 USDAA Regional Steeplechase Qualifier”