“The worst day of my life was 3/20/08 when my miniature dachshund, Tinkerbell sustained a T12-13 disc rupture and became paralyzed. She was treated surgically and recovered well but still had residual functional defeats. Sure, she is a very accomplished and fierce competitor in the obedience show ring; I wanted her to have every opportunity for maximum recovery.

As a nurse with a strong rehab background I knew she needed expert help. CARE Animal Rehabilitation was the answer to a dream. From the initial evaluation through her extensive rehab center based and home progress, my little girl made amazing progress. The staff are professional, compassionate, caring and ever knowledgeable about breed and species characteristics and needs so that a completely individualized program can be developed and modified as needed for each patient. Dietary and food supplement modifications are also a strong component of the program presenting a true blend of the medical and holistic approaches to treatment. I am totally committed to continuing on at home program, to maintain her going, and also have had my second dachshund, Romeo, also a show, evaluated and started on a home program to prevent an injury like Tinkerbell suffered.

Thank you CARE Rehabilitation Staff.
Tinkerbell & Romeo thank you, too!!”

P.R.H., Feb 2009