In January of 2013, we brought our four year old Silken Windhound boy, Dior (BIS RBIS UKC Grand CH, ISWS Ch, IABCA/ICKC Int’l Ch Allagante Christian Dior, LMC II, EC, SRC, ASFA, FCh, CGC, Delta Society/Pet Partners Therapy Dog), to C.A.R.E. when a friend (who saw him tumble and had the same occurrence with her Rhodesian Ridgeback so she recognized what she was witnessing) recommended Dr. Jessica Waldman and C.A.R.E. Our dog had tumbled while lure coursing and favored his right front leg for several days. He had tumbled three times before in the past couple of years but had not favored his leg before this time. At some prior point he must have injured his neck and/or back which was causing him to overcompensate and shift weight to his left-front leg and his back legs. Dr. Waldman examined Dior extensively and gave us a treatment program which included physical therapy, laser and acupuncture with physical therapy exercises to do at home twice daily. After only seven weeks, the leg he was overcompensating for, the right front’s girth measurement (muscle circumference) went from 9.5 to 13.25 inches. His left front went from 11 to 13.5 inches and the rear legs got leaner as weight was transferred back to the front legs. His range of motion in his right front gained 5 degrees. His other limbs gained 5,10 & 18 degrees more in range. He was no longer unilateral. Dr. Waldman added core exercises to his exercise regime and he is doing fabulous. He is now stronger than ever. He will always have to work out, just like a human athlete, and he will not compete as much as in the past. Dior has been the #1 Lifetime Silken Windhound in lure coursing for the past three years and he is also a conformation Grand Champion, an International Conformation Champion, the only Lure Courser of Merit II in our breed, a straight racing champion and therapy dog but most of all he is our very special boy who captures hearts wherever he goes.

J. Hicks & K. Hicks
March 2013