“While under the care of a dogwalker, Wily was hit by a van. Neurologists had little hope that he would have use of his hind legs. This was April 8, 2008. He began at CARE about 2 weeks later, and for the next 8 weeks, began the most amazing healing process ever. It’s nothing short of a miracle what Drs. Jessica and Amy and the entire staff at CARE have done for our boy. Every single day we saw, and still see, improvement. Wily went from me having to express his bladder and using a sling, to wobbling about and falling, to now chasing our cats again and singing. We are beyond overjoyed to see Wily back on all fours and back to his spirited self . We are stunned and in awe.. and completely grateful. The combination of exercises, the treadmill (although Wily had to do it dry for a long time because he doesn’t like water), acupuncture, diet, and everyone’s sheer will made it all happen, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We will continue for awhile at CARE as Wily still has a little bit to go. Our goal now is to get him back to the park with his friends!”