I brought Webster to CARE after he hurt his back and could not lie down without yelping in pain. Dr. Waldman did a very thorough and impressive evaluation of his posture, gait, muscle size, diet, and medications. She prescribed a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, as well as physical therapy, and over time, Webster’s condition has markedly improved and he is back to comfortably walking and lounging around and being happy.

I recommend CARE as a first option (or any option!) for any pet owner whose pet is in pain and might even be a candidate for surgery. The veterinarians are all very thorough and knowledgeable, and it is clear that everyone on staff is concerned about seeing your pet get better. I have seen firsthand how they treat all the animals under their care and it is with an impressive amount of patience and love, no matter how difficult the case might be or how unpleasant the task. Not only that, they are extremely professional and detail-oriented. We are so fortunate to have CARE in Los Angeles! Thanks CARE!

E.C., May 2012