“California Animal Rehab is incredible. They went above and beyond my expectations. When I brought my dog, Mosley, into the center, she had no use of either of her back legs and had not for 6 months. We had done some treadmill work at a facility in Indiana. I had seen small glimpses of hope and nerve responses, but to nearly anyone else who saw her, she was a lost cause. She had sores from dragging her legs and she was completely incontinent. I saw the determination in my dog and I saw that she wasn’t ready to give up. Dr. Waldman saw that too. Our initial meeting was very personal and detailed. She spent time with Mosley. One thing I have never felt in this center, like you do at other doctor offices, was that I was just another paycheck. They are never rushing through their treatments and at the same time, Mosley is never left in the waiting room to be seen. Everyone can appreciate that sort of respect!! The entire staff is great! Mosley’s improvement since she came to CARE is unbelievable. Her vet suspects she has a “disk disease” that caused paralysis from a slipped disk. She spent months with no use of her legs. CARE brought her from there to completely walking! She also has more control of her bathroom issues. She is a happy, happy dog. My neighbors call her the “miracle dog”. It was amazing and emotional to watch the videos comparing her first day or rehab to her most recent visit. I’m so grateful for everything CARE has done for me and Mos. They will always have a special place in my heart.”

J.G., November 2008