“In July 07 our 4 yr. old peekapoo Monkey suffered a ruptured disc and required emergency surgery. The post-op prognosis was not good with regard to Monkey being able to walk again, and also her ability to control her bladder and bowels.

We were referred to CARE to get Monkey into physical therapy, but mainly because they do a lot of work with paralyzed dogs. We went with the unfortunate idea that Monkey would need wheels.

From the first day at CARE I knew that if there were any chance of Monkey walking that these were the people to help make it happen. Without giving false hope, they were positive, supportive, enthusiastic and most importantly believed in Monkey to regain as much as she could.

After 2 months of therapy at CARE Monkey went from 95% paralyzed to walking. (Albeit with a few falls here and there!) She came to being dropped off there, and during a 10 day stay she really made a dramatic improvement. I dropped her off dragging her legs, and when I picked her up she walked to me!

When Monkeys work was done, it was very hard to leave everyone there. They gave her so much time, love, and care that there really isn?t any way to show gratitude.

Hopefully this will never happen to us again, but if it does we know where to go to find our way back!”