We had a fantastic experience at CARE- from my first phone call when Andrew’s voice was calming and reassuring, and he got Dr. Waldman to explain the procedures and possibilities of what to expect, we knew we had found the best place for our paralyzed dog.
Every visit brought a little progress and a lot of love. The exceptional staff all brought their expertise and love of animals.
We were very fortunate that after only two weeks Bowlie started showing signs of movement in her legs, and after two months she was really walking. She may never do her “circus tricks” again, but she is now walking, running, going up and down stairs easily and showing no signs of pain.
CARE gave our healthy dog back to us. What better testimonial can we offer?
We are happy to discuss our experience at CARE with prospective clients. Yes it is expensive, yes it is worth it. We highly recommend this excellent rehabilitation facility to others.

S. Epstein
March 2013