Thank you Dr. Waldman and staff for treating our beloved little mini-schnauzer Pepper, after he had his rear leg removed due to cancer. We were nervous and scared about how to care for Pepper after his surgery, and you and your group were so kind, helpful, and re-assuring. You started Pepper on a very healthy food plan (we joke that Pepper eats better than we do now), with healthy supplements and vitamins designed to help with healing and support a healthy ‘tri-pod’ life. We were always touched by the TLC with which Pepper was treated, and which we observed all the other doggie patients were being treated, and very impressed with the various techniques used to help Pepper recover from his surgery, and which we saw other dogs being treated. You’ve outlined for us a series of exercises we can do with Pepper to help him build up muscle mass, flexibility, and relieve stress, and have given us a good idea how to help Pepper continue enjoying his doggie life. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the knowledge to do the right thing for Pepper, and the peace of mind knowing that we’re helping, and not hurting, in Pepper’s recovery.

S. & A. Solomon,
Spring 2012