“In May of 2008, Nate was diagnosed with an ACL tear in his rear left leg. A Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure was performed and after a difficult recovery, I began to look for further rehabilitation care. Since Nate was so large (200+lbs), it was important to begin his rehab as soon as possible especially since the chance for an opposite leg tear was fairly high.

Thank goodness I found C.A.R.E.! Dr. Waldman immediately changed Nate?s diet and after getting baseline measurements, began an 8 week course of intensive rehab which included acupuncture, laser and treadmill therapies. Dr. Kramer also began stretching and massaging Nate. The staff was wonderful and was extremely professional.

Nate thoroughly enjoyed his treatment (even the underwater treadmill!). I was allowed to watch, encourage and participate in his recovery. The kindness, professionalism and attentiveness shown by everyone at CARE has been astounding and Nate has made an almost perfect recovery. I am extremely grateful that I was able to find CARE and highly recommend it to all animal owners looking for amazing care.”