My dog Cino and I have had an excellent experience with CARE. Cino is an American Pit Bull Terrier who has unfortunately suffered through pain and injury for most of his life. From the first broken tibia as a puppy (dog park accident) to multiple TPLO surgeries (torn cruciate ligaments in both knees) to the near life-ending spinal meningitis endured post-surgery, I was always wondering if he could ever have the quality of life he deserved. I started Cino at CARE at the beginning of 2011 with a holistic regimen of acupuncture, proper diet, nutritional supplementation, physical therapy, and structured exercise. Today I can happily declare his treatment a resounding success as he is having the time of his life. Cino went from getting sore after walks and at times struggling up and down stairs to being one of the most active dogs in the neighborhood. He goes running with me, chases balls like a maniac, and tussles around happily with other dogs at the park. I can finally take him to daycare/boarding facilities, with me camping or on trips without worrying about his joint pain. His return to good health also means he can return to regular training sessions restoring stability and calmness to his mind in addition to his new healthy body. Although he still has his characteristic goofy lopsided run at times, his gait is near perfect at a canter. He can get sore sometimes after a heavy play session but if managed properly it doesn’t affect his mobility or quality of life. Cino just celebrated his 8th birthday on August 24th and his best present was being healthy and happy thanks to the great team at CARE. I’m so grateful to the entire staff at CARE who provided the expertise, attention, and support Cino needed to bring him to his pinnacle of health and quality of life.

There were definitely some missed appointments and I may have been less than perfect on the home regimen and we may have slipped backwards sometimes when I didn’t follow instructions, but everyone stuck with me and Cino to keep us on track. We look forward to continuing the maintenance schedule and CARE regimen to keep Cino at his peak in the longest sense of the term.

S. Fouladgar, Fall 2011

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