“Ever since I was a kitten, I’ve had a luxating patella (dislocating kneecap). I used to be able to shake my leg and kick my knee back into place. At some point, I injured myself, rupturing the cruciate ligament in my knee. Then my kneecap got stuck in a dislocated position, and scar tissue formed. I started limping, and my muscles atrophied in my left leg. I was in pain some of the time, and I didn’t move around very much. I stopped going upstairs. On some days, my mom had to practically beg me to eat.

My mom took me to several veterinarians who all recommended lateral suture surgery. She didn’t like the potential trauma and risks involved with surgery, and she knew there must be a better way to help me. She started researching alternatives on the Internet, and found CARE’s amazing website. There was a testimonial from a woman with a Labrador who had ruptured her cruciate ligament-just like me! CARE had helped her dog without surgery. Plus, there were testimonials from other cat moms, so they worked with cats too. CARE was an answer to my mom’s prayers. She could hardly believe her luck, and she couldn’t wait to call. My mom braced herself because so many doors had been closed on her. She called and spoke with a kind woman named Adriana who said they could help me. My mom was autiously optimistic.

From the moment we walked into CARE, every member of the staff treated us with so much kindness, compassion and warmth. They all wanted to meet me, pet me and comment on my cuteness. I must admit I’m not a huge fan of vets,
but Dr. Jessica has really good energy. She’s warm, kind and gentle with me. She measured my joint angles, range of motion and observed my movement, recommending an 8-week program of rehabilitation. When I met Dr. Amy, my
physical therapist, I really bonded with her. She is soothing, gentle and loving with me. She treats me as if I’m a member of her very own family. Sometimes I get scared and try to hide, but she’s so patient with me. Dr. Amy has a gifted touch, and I melt into her massages.

My mom and I have been driving to CARE from Orange County (more than 100 miles roundtrip) twice a week for 8 weeks. It’s well worth the drive. They’ve been treating me with acupuncture and a variety of physical therapy modalities. I have made tremendous progress. At home, I’m happier, more active, less painful. I run up and down the stairs, and I’ve even climbed to the top of the tall cat tree a few times.

CARE is the perfect name because everyone who works there sincerely cares. I’ve never met so many kind-hearted people in one place. They are sensitive to my catlike needs. My mom and I are so grateful for Dr. Amy, Dr. Jessica and every member of the amazing staff at CARE! They are defining the cutting edge in animal rehabilitation with compassion. It’s a place where pets and their parents come in with issues and come out with hope, love and peace-of-mind. In my opinion, it’s the cat’s meow.”

Purringly Yours,
Mocha and T.H., October 2008

View a video of Mocha Getting Accupuncture at CARE.