“Hello, my name is Mason. I am a little scrapper rescued from Sepulveda Boulevard in Sherman Oaks after miraculously crossing the street in the dark. My mama saw me and after a few minutes, scooped me up from my hiding spot behind a tire of a vehicle. Other than being scared, starving (only weighed barely 4 pounds at 6 months old) and cold I showed no signs of injury. After being given the OK from the vet that I was not carrying anything contagious, I met my new brothers and sisters. I chased after anything that would move and enjoyed pulling myself up the 7? tall cat tower. I couldn?t jump up but still had all around good times.

Then my ?unknown? injury was discovered. I started to have a bit of a limp and was x-rayed while I was at the vet for being neutered. It turned out that I had a very wicked acetabular fracture on my right side. What that means is my pelvic bone was broken all the way across the bone near my hip socket and my leg was held somewhat in place by sheer luck. If you saw the x-ray you would cringe. My mama took me to a surgeon to have my bones plated together and the head of my femur removed (as the hip socket could not be repaired) and the procedure was mostly a success. There was a risk that the nerve to my leg may be damaged. After I was able to get up and walk around, I did so on only three legs. My right rear leg just dangled and I had no sensation between my toes. I had issues with the nerve.

Enter my wonderful friends at C.A.R.E.
I started my sessions (twice a week) with only hope of regaining at least some use of my leg back. Every time we showed up we were greeted warmly by all the friendly staff. I was really little and somewhat nervous everyone put me at ease and made my visits a comfortable, wonderful experience. Between the acupuncture and natural diet choices, thanks for the sweet potatoes, with Dr. Jessica (a silent meow to you) and all the manual therapy (didn?t like it, but had to do it) with Dr. Amy (even though she wore doggy socks) I started to use my leg a little. Only problem was I wasn?t walking properly. I was walking with my toes curled under and would not lift my foot/leg over obstacles. Well as time went on I showed some more improvement and began to have some sensation between my toes and lift my leg over very low obstacles about 60% of the time.

My mama was happy, but I wanted more. With the help of all my friends at C.A.R.E., I pushed myself and soon was working on the ?big dog? therapy items, including the underwater treadmill. Yes, in the water and everyone survived unscathed. By the time I graduated, I had gained 3 pounds, increased the muscle mass in my injured leg and I was taking the stair/ramp obstacle like a pro, the underwater treadmill?no sweat and now I walk properly 100% of the time and have full feeling in my foot. I am so fast now that I almost trip my mama many times as I run from one room to another. I have discovered the hammock in the window which I can now jump high enough to enjoy. I can climb the cat tower properly and fly off of it to the bed which I promptly bounce off of to run after my brother Howard. I also chase him into the bathtub and do not care if I get wet as I do not fear the water.

Going to C.A.R.E. helped me be a true kitten and now I run around at home like nothing is wrong or ever was. The only down side to my healing success is that I no longer see all my new friends out there in Santa Monica.

November 2008