“Zoey is now 14. Before we rescued her (when she was still a puppy), she had been hit by a car and her leg was shattered. Surgery repaired her leg, but she always walked (hiked, ran) with a limp. As Zoey got older, arthritis set in and she was less able to go on long walks and appeared to be in pain. Acupuncture and herbs helped, but only to a point, and pain medication also helped, but was very hard on her liver. So, our vet recommended CARE. From our first consultation with Dr. Waldman, we knew we were in expert hands (and more importantly Zoey was). Now, only four weeks into her treatment, Zoey’s transformation is remarkable and thrilling. It is unbelievable the progress she has made. She has so much more energy (almost like a puppy), she’s gotten stronger, built muscle and seems to be out of pain for the first time in years. Dr. Waldman, Amy, and the entire staff are all amazing. It is a calm, focused, relaxed environment, where every employee is conscientious, and takes a personal interest in Zoey. Zoey loves going there. Between her new diet, the treatment she’s gotten at CARE, and the exercises they’ve shown us how to do at home, Zoey has a new zest for life, runs around, and seems genuinely happy. We would highly recommend CARE to anyone. It is a place of true healing.

K. Ford & N. Fichman