Dear everyone at CARE, those of you I met and spent time with Dr. Waldman, Dr. Oxford, Dr. Kramer, Dr. Arellano, Cat, Stephanie, Callie, Laurie, Steve, Kerrie, Juan, Amanda and Dave, thank you for all of the work that you do and for the caring and cheerful way that you do it. Everyone is very professional and very regular, meaning so natural and there is a vibe of calm, positive, without tension.

Wednesday was euthanized a couple of weeks ago, I laid beside her, with my hands on her, looking into her eyes as she left her body. We buried her in the desert by our olive trees, the grave is neat, three large boulders, solar lights, the view of Mt. San Jacinto and open space. She was loved and very well cared for, again thank you for taking good care of her and giving her love too!

Enjoy the beauty of spring! With gratitude, love and blessings. Thanks CARE!

H. DiSalvo, April 2011