“I am writing this as a testament to not only the miraculous healing that took place for my dog, Tucker, but for all of the dogs I have been witness to over the past year we have gone to CARE.

Tucker is a ten-year-old yellow lab who was overtaken with degenerative disk disease. When he came to CARE, he was in excruciating pain. With the help of everyone at CARE, Tucker went from what appeared to be death’s door to a pain-free, rejuvenated existence. He now looks and acts like a five-year-old lab and is also happier than he has ever been. Because Tucker loves coming to CARE, we have continued on a maintenance program.

In addition to the therapies performed at CARE, I believe one of the most therapeutic aspects is the absolute love and “care” generated by everyone who works there. They believe that every patient can not only improve but exceed all expectations. And, therefore, their patients demonstrate dramatic outcomes!

I have seen countless cases come to CARE– dogs that are paralyzed, crippled and considered hopeless by normal veterinary standards. These dogs have been miraculously regenerated back to health.

I am truly grateful to CARE for facilitating Tucker back to puppy-hood and supporting me in my belief, that I also hold for my patients, that everyone can change their life and their reality.”

M.R., September 2008