In November 2012, my eleven year old Pomeranian, Sadie, was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. Sadie’s first symptoms began in her front legs. Sadie frequently fell as she walked because her front legs were continuously giving out. Shortly after, her front legs began to splay which make it difficult to even stand. The symptoms quickly progressed to her back legs. Ultimately, Sadie was left with very little feeling or strength in all four legs and was almost completely paralyzed. As a result, Sadie needed help to perform basic day-to-day functions. (eating, drinking, urinating, etc.).

The neurologist eliminated surgery as a viable option, due to Sadie’s age, and recommended she only be treated with medication. Luckily, the neurologist also referred me to CARE. Dr. Voulgaris proposed an extensive rehabilitation plan that included weekly physical therapy/acupuncture sessions, daily in-home exercises, supplements, and an all-natural diet. After only two months of treatment, Sadie is doing what I thought she would never do again. She is standing, walking, eating, drinking, and “going potty” on her own! My goals for Sadie have been completely surpassed in the short time she has been visiting CARE. Although Sadie is not completely recovered yet, I see progress every single day. I have high hopes for Sadie’s future now and will be forever grateful to the staff at CARE for giving Sadie her life back.

K. Kuraoka
January 2013