“Mid 2007 I first noticed Quinn my nine year female German Shepherd dragging a back leg at the end of a good walk. The symptom persisted and became more apparent until September 2007, a neurologist confirmed my worst fears: Quinn had Degenerative Myelopathy, an incurable autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system, similar to MS in humans. In addition to DM, x-rays also revealed arthritis in her lower back and knees. The future looked bleak for my constant companion. I learned that generally there is progression to paralysis in 3-6 months, when DM is untreated.

Fortunately my neurologist suggested physical therapy and referred me to CARE. At the end of this month, August 2008, Quinn will have made the 12 month mark! She is still moderately mobile, happy, well adjusted dog.

Quinn has had weekly acupuncture, hydrotherapy and general physiotherapy sessions. I am convinced that without treatment, I would have lost her within 6 months. The therapy has maintained her mobility and most important, her quality of life. Dr Waldman and Dr Kramer?s treatment has extended her life and also provided me with guidance and support in dealing with a devastating disease. The entire CARE team of professionals is amazing! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.