“We have been blown away by the treatment out two Labrador Retrievers have received at CARE. You have definitely improved the quality of life for Java and Nutmeg. We?ve watched you go above and beyond time and time again. It?s so wonderful to find people who really put the wellbeing of animals first.

We?ve seen you come up with solutions to unique situations and keep on working until you find just the right modality or equipment. We?ve seen you put in long hours on pro bono work with a rescue dog and be genuinely happy to be able to do it.

For our dogs, you?ve met and exceeded our goals for their recovery. Out pets enjoy their sessions at CARE and I enjoy watching their sessions. The entire staff is caring and patient and it is actually fun to watch the progress and the process.

We feel privileged to have gotten to know you and your staff who also go the extra mile and really care about the animals. We would recommend CARE highly. To find such caring and committed professionals is a blessing.”