“Wish dogs could talk so Huckleberry could speak for himself and tell everyone just how genuinely loving and effective all the CARE-givers have been. Then again, the fact he can’t wait to get out of the car when we get there, says it all.

Huckleberry is only 4 years old, so it was not only devastating but shocking to discover that this sweet young Lab had developed severe arthritis in his front elbow. Quite suddenly he was in so much pain he could hardly stand. The prognosis from the two respected vets I consulted was very grim. However, both did tell me that there was a new rehab called CARE, having remarkable results with cases even more extreme than Huck’s. Same day, a good friend told me his 16 year old dog could hardly walk she was in so much pain, until he found out about CARE and now she?s feeling great.

What CARE has done for Huckleberry seems like a miracle. Actually the unique combination of medical doctors, physical therapists and dietary experts all working together under one roof is the real miracle. Thanks to CARE, Huckleberry is pain free, without using potentially life-shortening drugs. Read all of Huckleberry’s Story (PDF).

I cannot thank EVERYONE at CARE enough for what they’ve done for Huckleberry’s body and my peace of mind.”

S.D., May 2009