Both my special needs chow chows have had a host of issues to overcome. Most recently, both suffer from bad elbow dysplasia, and consequential/related issues in spine and other limbs. Both recently endured a bacterial infection that affected their weakened limbs. With CARE’s programs, they have made remarkable progress. Their limping and lameness or other pain and discomfort has been greatly alleviated. Especially my female whose knee ruptured all ligaments and tore the meniscus; with a custom brace, supplements, therapy and a conservative approach to treating without surgery, she has improved at an impressive rate. Dr. Oxford has been thorough and generous with her accessibility and knowledgeable info. We appreciate her holistic approach, the acupuncturists, and friendly staff. Especially owning chows, we encounter preconceived ideas about the breed and appreciate the love they have been shown and most importantly, their great health care.

N. Rantakari
December 2011