“My Chocolate Lab Coco is 14 years old! At age 14 yrs, 2 months, her vet referred us to CARE due to her severe muscular skeletal problems and her arthritis. This combination of issues presented Coco with a huge decrease in her mobility skills. On a positive note, Coco is in good overall health!
I was so nervous and worried about Coco’s condition, but right at the beginning Dr. Waldman and the CARE staff reassured us that we’re not alone. Each and every staff member is pleasant, helpful and personable.
I was overwhelmed at the beginning of the program. Soon enough this became our daily ritual which Coco looks forward to! Her progress is phenomenal! She has lost 8 pounds, is more agile, much happier and has even returned to some of her old habits!
Family and friends have seen Coco?s transformation and are stunned! She is an example to all of us that diet and exercise is key! We are blessed to have a happy, healthy Coco in our home. We thank CARE for helping her to meet her original goal of increasing her mobility so Coco can truly enjoy her golden years.

Thank you CARE!

N.J. and D.C.
April 2010