I have 2 mini schnauzers who are 10 and 12 years of age. The 10 year old was visibly limping. Dr. Oxford evaluated Buddy and noted he had cervical/ lumbar spine abnormality. On the appropriate program his pain resolved and his strength improved. He will be tapered off his maintenance program. Buddy is now so happy being pain free. In the middle of therapy Buddy abruptly lost his sight due to cataracts. He is diabetic. Therapy was never interrupted. Buddy had surgery regaining full vision and had therapy 2 days post operatively. CARE was very accommodating to him. Rocky is 12 years of age. He intermittingly had difficulty with his left knee/hip. He would injure himself and be unable bear on his left leg. Rocky was under the care of Dr. Voulgaris who placed him on a program of LLE strengthening and hip flexor strengthening. He responded extremely well to the established program of strengthening. His program was interruptedly acute renal failure which required hospitalization. Rocky’s therapy was never interrupted. He regained normal renal function. After completion of a 2 month program he was pain free and an extremely happy dog. I thank CARE for all they do.

B. Karpman
July 2012