Dr. Waldman and everyone at C.A.R.E has performed nothing less than a miracle with our thirteen and a half year old Lab, Arlo. When I brought him in, he had just had laryngeal surgery, then pneumonia. He was terribly weak, would barely lift his head, and would not eat. He had such bad arthritis and muscle atrophy that he could not stand nor walk, on his back legs at all, and he had to be walked with a harness to keep his back legs from dragging on the ground.

Through the loving care and expertise of Dr. Waldman and Amy (I don’t know her last name!) who is such a talented physical therapist, Arlo became evidence that miracles can happen. He is now able to stand and walk, wander the garden and sniff the grass, bark at birds, and really enjoy his life, something I was so worried that he would never be able to do again. When we came to C.A.R.E I
told Dr. Waldman that I wanted Arlo to be able to run on the beach, even if it were just one more time in his life. She said, “Well, let’s try”. I know she was protecting me from my hopes, but what I saw from there on out was great knowledge, and experience, and most wonderfully, a determination to do everything she could. She kept her promise, and put him on a regimen of acupuncture,
anti-inflamatories, physical exercises and massage. The funny thing is that Arlo, terrified of the groomer, and shaking when we go to the regular vet, gets himself up and to the door excited to go to his therapy.

The end of our story is that we have been to the beach three times now, and to watch him trot in and out of the tides and sniff seaweed and play, even though still a still a little wobbly, and not as speedy as he used to be, he looks to be just about the happiest dog ever. And I am the happiest dog owner. I do not have enough words to thank Dr. Waldman and Amy and the wonderful and amazing staff at C.A.R.E. Their commitment and caring have supported us and carried us a long way. I cannot possibly think what we would have done without them, and I will be grateful always for the life they gave back to Arlo.”