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The CARE Staff

We carefully select each member of our caring and experienced team to offer our patients top quality care.

Above: Shoko with Hans Gruber and Thea

Above: Anthony with Paco

Above: Will with Tiggy

Above: Jenifer with Sitka

Above: Stephany with Sputnik

Above: Anthony with Luke

Above: Minden with Crash

Above: Helen with Damien

Above: Erica with Thea

Above: Adrian with Tate

Above: Sheena with Sal

Above: Brock with Billy

Above: Leyla with Blackjack

Above: Natalye with Gertrude

Above: Sam with Tiggy

Above: Jamie with Sadie

Above: Matt with Wilson

Above: Gillian with Beaufort

Above: Juan with Ellie

Above: Sheri with Thea

Above: Meena with Oliver

Above: Cynthia with Adam

Above: Christina with Elle                      

Above: Ruby with Abby

Above: Emilie with Sputnik

        Above: Bethany with Duke

Above: Debra with Guillermo

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